Rede de Judiarias de Portugal


Territory in the south of Portugal, Algarve corresponded to the last part to be integrated into the national whole (1248).
The Christian reconquest happened so much earlier than the incorporation of Arab kingdom of Granada in Spain (1492).
For a long time there was some uncertainty derived, or from Muslim attacks, or from corsairs that did not motivate the solid establishment of Jews in Algarve.

However, from the 14th Century, communities began to grow in major urban centers such as Silves (former headquarter of the Arab kingdom), Tavira and Faro (these two being major urban centers). With the early discoveries initiated by D. Henrique and respective mercantile expansion other centers started to see the development of Jewish communes.

That was the case of Lagos and Alvor and, on a less numerous way, Portimão and Loulé.
Algarve, a tourist destination known for its white sand beaches and golden cliffs also has historic and cultural heritage to offer its visitors. The integration within the project of the Portuguese Network of Jewish Quarters allows disclosing this facet of the region’s history, where prospered communities of Jews, many of them merchants, attracted to Algarve at the time of the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries.
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