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Built between 1430 and 1460 by order of Infante D. Henrique, the synagogue from Tomar shows the importance that the Jewish community had in the city since the 14th century, firstly in service of the Order of the Temple, and then for the Order of Christ. Its existence as a temple would be ephemeral, effect of the forced conversion of Jews to Christianism order by D. Manuel I.

The functions that the building had over the years were different, coming to jail, chapel and warehouse.
Classified as National Monument from 1921, it was purchased by Samuel Schwarz in 1923. This Polish Jew, researcher and passionate about Jewish Culture, rehabilitated the ancient temple, promoting cleansing works and excavation, donating it to the Portuguese State in 1939 to be there installed the Luso-Hebraic Museum.

Of the synagogue’s collection, in addition to numerous donations by Jewish visitors, are part some headstones, some original and other reproductions, from various locations of the country.
From this collection, gathered by Samuel Schwarz, stands out a funerary stele from the city of Faro, alluding to the death in 1315 of Rab Ioseph, a Jewish from Tomar, and the headstone from 1308, which marks the founding of the second synagogue of Lisbon.
With an almost square plant, it presents a vault with rib-free edges, built in brick, and supported by four central columns.

In the four upper corners of the room, it’s believed for acoustics reasons, are incorporated eight reversed jars of clay.
Adjoining to the main building, after excavations, was found a room intended for the Mikvah (the bath for women purification).
The synagogue of Tomar contains a strong symbolism. It is indeed the most impressive fifteenth-century synagogue, built from scratch that has significant Sephardic characteristics.


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