Rede de Judiarias de Portugal

Moimenta da Beira

Moimenta da Beira,
between memories of Sephardic moons

Forged in the wild landscapes, the lands of Moimenta da Beira are ancestral homes of Sephardic people. The presence of Jews in these lands, documented from the twilight of the Middle Ages, it was very significant. In our days, the inhabitants of Leomil, the largest village of the municipality, are still know by their epithet of "Jews".
In the secular villages, such as Cabaços, there are secrets of ancient times, saved in old houses where the stones of their portals are marked by signs of devotion and fear.
Although the dust already fulfills the cavities, the inscriptions perpetuated in granite they immortalize the history of the Jewish families and Cristãos-Novos.
Terras do Demo, land of writers and stories, where we can still feel the Sephardic soul on a breath of wind, long and persistent, which brings memories of inquisitions, torments and peace.



Munícipio de Moimenta da Beira
Largo do Tabolado
3620-304 Moimenta da Beira
T. 252 520 103 (Posto de Turismo)  
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