Rede de Judiarias de Portugal


The Portuguese Network of Jewish Quarters - Routes of Sepharad is an association with publicly but private law and is intended to act together in defense of the urban, architectural, environmental, historical and cultural heritage in connection with the Jewish heritage (article 1 of the statutes).

Thus, Portuguese Network of Jewish Quarters founded in March 17th 2011 intends to combine the historic and heritage recovery with tourism promotion, action that will also help to discover a strong Portuguese and mainland identity.

The contribution of the Portuguese Jews in world?s history was enormous, from the nautical science that for more than 500 years gave a breakthrough of the onset of globalization, to the evolution of world economy and medicine there were many areas where the role of Sephardic has become more prevalent.

It was essentially for all this that Portugal gave new worlds to the world.

Were founding members 9 municipalities, 6 Tourism Regional Entities and the Jewish Community of Belmonte.

An Advisory Board is being constituted with personalities from the academic life, research, diplomacy, tourism operation, literature and always associated to the Jewish identity.