Rede de Judiarias de Portugal


Border village from Beira Baixa, Penamacor reinforced a lot the Jewish population that came from the spanish expulsion of 1492. Land of one of the most known doctors in Portuguese history – Ribeiro Sanches.
New Christian, accused of Judaism, Ribeiro Sanches (1699-1783) was persecuted by the Inquisition in Portugal. Attained great prestige at the Court of Catarina II of Russia.

Penamacor has vestiges of the old Jewish quarter nearby “Rua de S. Pedro”, one of the most historic in town.
The increasing number of Jewish inhabitants, after the expulsion from Spain, happened due to its proximity to the border.
Throughout the historic center can be observed dozens of cruciform marks alluding to the need to patent a new situation of forced Christianization. At the beginning of the 21st Century was released here by the oil company Penazeites the first kosher oil (Ribeiro Sanches) presented in Portugal after 500 years. Rabbi Elisha Salas and D. Duarte Pio de Bragança certified this event.


-    Castle – Castelo
-    Watchtower – Torre de Vigia
-    Municipal Museum – Museu Municipal
-    Old Town Hall on Old Town Gate – Antiga Casa da Câmara
-    Clock Tower – Torre do Relógio
-    Manueline door on Misericórdia Church (late Gothic) Porta Manuelina da Igreja da Misericórdia (gótico final)
-    Jewish Quarter – Bairro Judeu
-    Jewish/religious marks – Marcas religiosas/judaicas


Tourism Office – Penamacor
Posto de Turismo de Penamacor
Rua de São Pedro
6090-520 Penamacor
Telephone: 277 394 058

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