Rede de Judiarias de Portugal


Town located in “Beira Alta” with a 900 meters elevation, Penedono involves a majestic medieval castle. In its shade there are many evidences of the New Christians presence ranging from the cruciforms in the doors to other architectural elements.

Although the existence of a preceding Jewish quarter was not proved, it’s known that in 1569 began the Judaism accusation process against people born in Penedono. New Christians with surnames as Rodrigues, Henriques, Fonseca, Gomes, Lopes e Pinto were victims of those processes.
Also in Penela da Beira, older county seat (until 1834) with royal chart since before nationality (1055 or 1065) there are many evidences. The number of inquisitorial processes by Judaism is higher than in Trancoso, having started later (1619) and lasted until 1739.

In addition to the same surnames in Penedono occur here the surnames Dias, Oliveira, Navarro and Mendonça, among others.
In the parish of Castianço many processes took place aswell.
Symptomatic of the environment fostered against the New Christians are some stories and tales. The legend of “Santo Tirso” referring to Penela da Beira and recorded by Seraphim de Jesus Pinto is quite instructive.


-    Medieval Castle
-    Medieval War Weapons
-    Jewish/religious cruciform marks
-    Penela da Beira – St. Tirso Chapel – 16th Century (St. Tirso’s legend)
-    Megalithic Necropolis
-    Menhirs


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